Amber Himalayan Salt Lights

The gentle heat of a Himalayan Salt Tea Light holder generates ions carrying a negative charge thus creating thus creating a climate we find in the mountains, around waterfalls, by the sea or after thunderstorms. The vibrations of all our body cells are harmonized and contribute to improving our body functions.

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USB my buddy Salt Lamp

Yes Beautiful Indeed! USB My Buddy Mini Salt Lamps are the perfect gift for anyone who works at a desk job! Computers and wireless devices create unhealthy electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Keeping a crystal salt lamp next to your computer helps counter EMF organically, because these ancient crystals resonate at a frequency nearly identical to our bodies.

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Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps

Turn your home or office into beautiful sanctuary with our shaped salt lamps collection. Each shaped salt lamps features stunning light glow from wooden box to pyramid to fire bowl lamps. Each Lamp is mounted on a wooden base and comes complete with CE approved cord & 15 watt bulb with care instructions.

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